Fall, 2017; TR; 9:30–10:50; Kauke 244

The seminar introduces the problematics of cultural identity, not as essence but as a process to reinvent a people and society. The topic under critical scrutiny lends itself to the study of such issues as history, gender, race and economic class. The selected works of literature and film art help the student understand the constructed nature of identity and interrogate the differing cultural emphases and conscious attitudes that shape the mythologies of “China” as either self-same or the West’s Other.

The First-Year Seminar in Critical Inquiry focuses on the processes of critical inquiry in a writing-intensive, small seminar.  It invites students to engage a set of issues, questions, or ideas which can be illuminated by the disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives of the liberal arts.  It is designed to enhance the intellectual skills essential for liberal learning and for successful participation in the College’s academic program.

Student Learning Objectives: (write theoretical constructs to stand under)

  1. Students should be able to develop the abilities, especially the writing skills, that are essential to critical thinking.
  2. Students should be able to interpret complex theoretical and creative texts.
  3. Students should be able to construct a coherent argument, support the argument with evidence, and defend the argument.
  4. Students should be able to understand, appreciate, and objectively critique multiple perspectives including their own.